Friday, January 2, 2009

Susan Wins First Prize-Funniest Questionaire..Quite Accurate too..!!!!!

Sadler 2 Getting to Know You Questionnaire Please answer as truthfully as you choose to. If in doubt see question 11. What is your name SUSAN What was your room number? 2 SOMETHING Who was your roommate? LIZ GOMEZ What was your hometown? ROCHESTER, NY What was your major? INTERIOR DESIGN Did you know any JAP’s? YES SEVERAL, first encountered @ S.U. Funniest all time Belushi moment? LOVED THE BOA Funniest all time moment bar none?BRAIN CELLS HAVE DISSIPATED, ON SADLER 2? … Favorite “Establishment”? SUTTERS, FAGENS Did you have pets while at SU? A CACTUS What was your favorite song? IN 1979 ANYTHING BY THE WHO, CROSBY STILLS AND NASH, OOH I REMEMBER A DAN FOGELBERG ALBUM (UGH) –MY INTRODCUTION TO THE BOSS (as for your first little “questioniare” I had intimations WITH 3 PEOPLE whilst attending SU, TWO OFF SITE. WILL NEVER SAY WHO THE OTHER ONE IS. You wouldn’t likely know him anyway) EDITOR BELIEVES SHE IS UNDERESTIMATING OR REPRESSING!!!! Tell us about your post SU Years. Where do you live now? UPPER WEST SIDE MANHATTAN Tell us about your family? ABSOLUTELY INSANE, (ESPECIALLY WITHOUT DAD AROUND). I HAVE 4 SIBLINGS, WE’RE SCATTERED ON BOTH COASTS. MY IMMEDIATE FAMILY COMPRISES A PRECIOUS 5 YR OLD. What is your occupation? TYRANT, PRODUCER, DESIGNER, MOTHER (F*%KER) Can you help Todd land a new job? ONLY IF HE FINDS ME ONE Favorite vacation spot? CARIBBEAN ISLAND, SKI SLOPE, EUROPEAN CITY, HARD CALL Has life been good to you so far? IT’S BEEN VERY, VERY FULL. What do you still hope to accomplish? SOME GOOD INCOME. PREFERABLY VIA A CREATIVE PROJECT OF MY OWN What will your gravestone read? AT LAST, PEACE Is your spouse everything you hoped for? CLOSE, BUT NO. IS THERE SUCH A THING? Favorite Current TV Show? DEXTER Are you a preppie? NO, THOUGH MY MOTHER STILL DREAMS Would you be up for an annual reunion? MAX, HOW ABOUT BI-ANNUAL, YES, ANNUAL FOR THE DEVOTED FEW. (JANET, BARNUM, SALERNO, WOJ AND I MANAGED EVERY 10 YEARS ANYHOW) THRILLED TO INCLOUDE MOON IN THAT Favorite All time life moment? TOO HARD! FIONA DANCING& SINGING MELE KALIKIMAKA IN HER CLASS CONCERT LAST WEEK. WHEN 12 ON HORSE, bareBACK GALLOPING DOWN THE BEACH IN SAGAPONACK. STANDING ON THE STEPS OF THE Amer. MUSEUM OF N.H. AND AFTER 25 YEARS UNSEEN, MOON RUNNING UP THE STEPS TO ME. (especially since the last time I saw him 25 years prior in a mosh pit of drunken reverie literally in the middle of Marshall street the night before graduation, where I said directly to him “hey Todd!. So believe it ?we made it?”, and he just looked at me without saying a word. snubbed. Yes. I may as well mention that here. Perhaps you were so stoned? You likely do not recall.)…. Did you vote for Obama or are you a loser? GO OBAMAMAMAMAMMAMAMA Bring Back Memory Quiz This will be graded on a curve. Which was furrier Darren Silverstein’s boots or Rich Welger’s back? THEM BOOTS Give me the last name of Scott the Forestry Major WAS THAT GLENDALE ? No stockdale was some dude,,, when it comes to names I am useless Nicknames: Scahface? DINA Devil? DAN Raj? GIBNEY? Sarge? ZONK? Messiah? ZONKER? Boom Boom? ME? Who lived in the ladies lounge to start the year? BELUSHI? What was the name of the Native American Lacrosse Player? YO, MOTHER What did Belushi ride down the hall way? A SLED? OR WAS IT RAMONA? What did Moon throw on the ceiling in the cafeteria? MATZA? How many non-alcoholic drinks did Moon drink before throwing up veal parmesan? 75 Name the person who went with the hometown? Parsipany? Tapan KAREN WARTELL Dix Hills? SUE STEIN Hull? HUH? Port Washington? NOW JANET, THEN?? Southington? Windsor Locks? TRIED THE ENGLISH PERM Da Bronx? GALUCCIS Name the person who went with the address? 6 Steadman? STEINMANN 635 Ferry Lane? BERNIE? 26 High Street? I LIVED ON HIGH-ledge DR. Who could win in a game of one on one? Barb Mancini or anyone else on campus not named Headd, Bouie, Santifer, Moss, Rautins or Bruin? BARB What was in the eye of the guy making pizza in the window at Acropolis? SWINE GLUTEN Johhny Zorba or Archie? ZORBAH What was the name of the thing on the rotating skewer at Archies? YO ASS And bonus question good for 25 points….. What two men met on September 9th 1979? MOON AKA CIVIN BELUSHI AKA HARDING

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