Tuesday, December 30, 2008

WHO are You???? Jeff Barnum..The Later Years!

What is your name – Jeff Barnum What was your room number? - 242 Who was your roommate? Robert Steinman What was your hometown? – Glen Cove, NY What was your major? – Chemical Engineering Did you know any JAP’s? Only after I arrived at Syracuse, never before. Funniest all time Belushi moment? Todd and Belushi on the Big Wheel in Sadler 2 Funniest all time moment bar none? Too many to recall…. Favorite “Establishment”? Faegan’s Pub. Did you have pets while at SU? Define “pet” What was your favorite song? At the time, “The Real Me” and “Love, Reign o’er
Me , The Who - Quadrophenia …While I’m at it, I’d like to credit myself for naming you “Moon”….Am I correct? YES!!!!! Tell us about your post SU Years. Where do you live now? Shrewsbury, MA Tell us about your family? Married 9/12/87 (21 years) Jan, wife – LPN (nurse); Chris (20) – Jr. at Bryant University; Erica (18) Sr. at Shrewsbury H.S. College in Fall ’09. What is your occupation? – Technical Director, KLA-Tencor, manufacturer of specialized inspection and measurement instruments for the semiconductor and related industries. Can you help Todd land a new job? – would love to; I’m trying! Favorite vacation spot? Mauii Has life been good to you so far? Overall, yes, very good! What do you still hope to accomplish? Help to get both of my kids successfully through college w/o major debt. Survive this economic downturn with health and good fortune. Keep my family healthy and happy, and intact always. What will your gravestone read? Great guy – worked too damn hard! Is your spouse everything you hoped for? Yes, for the most part. Favorite Current TV Show? The Office, Real Men, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage. Are you a preppie? nope Would you be up for an annual reunion? Absolutely! Favorite All time life moment? When my first child was born, Christopher! Did you vote for Obama or are you a loser? I never inhaled. Bring Back Memory Quiz This will be graded on a curve. Which was furrier Darren Silverstein’s boots or Rich Welger’s back? Wow, that’s a tough one… Devil? Dan Gillis Messiah? Bob White Who lived in the ladies lounge to start the year? Whoever was the most drunk…. What did Belushi ride down the hall way? A Big Wheel (that’s easy) What did Moon throw on the ceiling in the cafeteria? Butter patties (another softball!) How many non-alcoholic drinks did Moon drink before throwing up veal parmesan? 8 glasses of whole milk, 3 cokes, 2 orange sodas, and 1 ginger ale, maybe (1-2) OJs. Port Washington? Rob Steinmann Southington? Woj Da Bronx? Gallucci, Ivan What was the name of the thing on the rotating skewer at Archies? Who the hell knows – some kind of pressed meat, like a giant hot dog! And bonus question good for 25 points….. What two men met on September 9th 1979? Todd “Moon” Civin and David “Belushi” Harding As Expected, Barnum scored higher on the quiz than anyone else....MUST HAVE STUDIED while the rest of us crammed....

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