Tuesday, December 30, 2008

She Put the Orange in Syracuse...Jan C. Potter (Herbert)..

1. What is your name: Now Jan Potter, Then Jan Herbert
2. What was your room number? OK, I must confess, I was not a Sadleritte but a Watson Gal…third floor for 3 years
3. Who was your roommate? My freshman year it was 2 juniors (Stacey Conti and Sue Stein) plus freshman, Chris Groves (now)…and I can’t remember her maiden name!
4. What was your hometown? Huntington Station, New York, Long Island
5. What was your major? Newhouse school of communications
6. Did you know any JAP’s? – Sue might beg to differ
7. Funniest all time Belushi moment? Ahh, well so many TEP keg parties to recount
8. Funniest all time moment bar none?
9. Favorite “Establishment”? – 1st Bugsy and then we ended the evening at Sutters
10. Did you have pets while at SU? We did have a rabbit junior year….the cleaning lady kept asking how rabbit droppings where getting in the hallways.
11. What was your favorite song? Way to many to pick one…burning down the house was a good party tune.
Tell us about your post SU Years.
12. Where do you live now? Northport, NY
13. Tell us about your family? 1 hubby - Robert (6 years married) and a 4 ½ year old daughter - Isabel
14. What is your occupation? Marketing specialist (as if there can be one!)
15. Can you help Todd land a new job? …just after I find my new one
16. Favorite vacation spot? Leetes Island, CT.
17. Has life been good to you so far? Only minor complaints to date…got health, got love, got a little bit of $$...not so much after this crash.
18. What do you still hope to accomplish? Open a private Art School with my husband
19. What will your gravestone read? 1963-2??? What will that “dash” stand for…your life boils down to your gravestone with a ‘dash’…well it sure as shit ain’t gonna say “boy she did some great media plans for American Express, thanks for working those 15 hour days!”
20. Is your spouse everything you hoped for? – I’m not sure I ever hoped for something in particular…but someone who loves me for me, is a partner in crime and on a similar wave length…then yes.
21. Favorite Current TV Show? Hummm, lots of cold case mysteries (not the sow but the real ones) and American Idol -- I must confess
22. Are you a preppie? More like a CWM (corporate working mom)
23. Would you be up for an annual reunion? Definitely this one…next year…have to see how this one goes.
24. Favorite All time life moment? -- isn’t it to come?
25. Did you vote for Obama or are you a loser? BO FOREVER

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