Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Arrivederci, Gibney

Here's the KLG snap shot"...hope it suffices. Left SU, did the obligatory travel and got moving on the big career game. Realized Day-1 in Corporate America that I needed to get out. Got them to pay for a finance MBA at NYU while I fed my hunger to escape. After 7 years in that game and a stint as the marketing guy in a First Boston private equity gig, I left that stuff forever. Started a Sports and Entertainment Marketing company which I ran from '91 to '06 and then sold to employees. I got married in '91, and got divorced in '05. My greatest accomplishment to date takes the form of my two kids Ian, aged 12 and Chiara, aged 10. We moved to Italy 2 years ago (having had a foothold in Central Italy since '03) and have been busy with this new phase of life, career and fatherhood. Life here is completely different than the stateside rhythm...nice pace, human scale, great quality. Right now my work centers around the purchase and restoration of ruined old stone farmhouses and little groups of buildings that are marketed to ex-pats from places as far-flung as Dubai, Australia and Brooklyn looking for a piece of La Dolce Vita. My interests (sounds a lot like the Miss America Pageant) are origami, quilting, world peace, uhm actually, I like to eat, hang with my kids, travel, drink wine in the piazza, do long distance bike rides and go trekking. I basically try to enjoy living and I will continue to make the effort for as long as I am able. I have not been back to SU since 1984 and don't feel any great connection to the place...just the people. Kudos to Todd for giving us back this great time in our lives. While I will miss the soiree in NYC, Todd will serve notice that the door in Italy is "Sempre Aperto"...that is, always open...Tanti Auguri ai Bravi di Sadler-2!!.KLG Note that I believe the Swamp was room 228, fittingly directly across from the toilets anKoom I had in Year-2 that Barnum inhabited in Year-1...

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