Sunday, December 28, 2008

True Tales of a School Librarian..The Betsy Dudko Story

What is your name Betsy Chinnici What was your room number? 207 Who was your roommate? Ramona Fabregas What was your hometown? Fairfield, Connecticut What was your major? Interior Design Did you know any JAP’s? Yes Funniest all time Belushi moment? When he came to me to borrow $ for Ramona’s valentine gift. I’m thinking jewelry, roses….NO!! It was a six foot boa constrictor that lived in our dorm room in an aquarium that we were supposed to feed live mice to. Needless to say, Ramona scampered upstairs to sleep in Belushi’s room and left that reptile with me. (I hate snakes!) Somehow it found a new home very quickly. Funniest all time moment bar none? Won’t say! Favorite “Establishment”? Did you have pets while at SU? Snake What was your favorite song? The Who’s “Teenage Wasteland” Baba O'Rily written by Pete Townshend Tell us about your post SU Years. Where do you live now? Stratford, Connecticut Tell us about your family? My husband is Russ and we were married in 1985. (23 years) My son is Chris (18) he is currently a freshman at University of Hartford and loves being a college student. Can I go back??? My daughter Melonie (9) is in 4th grade and competes in gymnastics and is a happy little angel. (so far) What is your occupation? Library Media Specialist Can you help Todd land a new job? I don’t think so. Favorite vacation spot? St. John’s VI. Caneel Bay. Has life been good to you so far? So far so good. What do you still hope to accomplish? More traveling around the world. What will your gravestone read? “Never go straight, just go forward.” Is your spouse everything you hoped for? Of Course after 23 years of marriage he better be. Favorite Current TV Show? Grey’s Anatomy Are you a preppie? Just a non-conformist Would you be up for an annual reunion? Yes Favorite All time life moment? Finding out I was finally pregnant for the first time at 37. Did you vote for Obama or are you a loser? Yes and he better fix things.
I have to tell you, that you know the true spirit of Christmas. The happy memories that have flooded back to me in the past week is a wonderful gift. Would you tell Bernard I remember the night that I pierced his ear with a needle, ice cube and a bottle of Sambuca? Michie was a good friend for the 3 semesters I was at SU and I would love to see her again. I think I met up with Woj at the top of Killington's restaurant about 15 years ago??

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