Sunday, December 28, 2008

When The Devil Went Down to Syracuse

What is your name: “Devil” Dan Gillis What was your room number? 242 AKA “The Swamp” . Thanks to Master Gibney, I would have never remembered that, across from the bathroom would have been my best response otherwise.****Editors Note: Barnum Advises that this was his room number....Someone is lying!!!!

Who was your roommate? Gibney and The Messiah Bob White 1st semester

What was your hometown? Hull, Ma,

What was your major? CIS to start, then Ecomomics

Did you know any JAP’s? Currently no, I live a sheltered life

Funniest all time Belushi moment? It has to be the big wheel, though there were many.

Favorite Moon moment was when you chugged the “Vodka” and the girls were all screaming in horror to stop. The when they found out it was water I believe you not only were verbally assaulted but physically as well.

Funniest all time moment bar none?

Homecoming week-end, we were all crammed in the “Swamp” I was playing guitar and we were all singing “you really got me”. This quickly changed when Ken almost knocked the door off the hinges as well as a few people off the top bunk. I think fire was coming out of his eyes.

Gibney and I performing: “Bob White will never die” As sung to “My My, Hey Hey (Out of the blue) by Neil Young”

It is one of the above two from the “Sadler” days. Here are some more though:

The filthy message board drawing contest. Feb 22nd 1980, my 19th birthday the kamikaze party. I have never drank one since. US beat the Russians, and I also believe on this historic night Janet, I think that was her name, ran into the door chasing Romanow and knocked herself out if memory serves me correctly.

The time Gibney wrote the note about the evenings dinner to “Joe Sadler” and stuck it to the comment board by sticking his fork through the alleged “hotdog”. I believe he referred to it as “pig entrails”.

Gibney spitting what ever he last had in his mouth onto the ceiling of the elevator. The Experiment: suspecting the lack of actual cleaning of the boys bathroom. The placing of bread on the top of the “locker stalls”. The site of that bread once we took it down weeks later confirmed our fears. I guess that was not funny now was it but a memorable moment none the less.

Favorite “Establishment”? The Varsity

Did you have pets while at SU? Does the women who cleaned the bathrooms count. I guess she was more of a mascot.

What was your favorite song? “Running with the Devil” This was also the song I blew Gibney’s speakers too within days of the 1st semester beginning.

Do you know the identity of the Mad Shitter?

Tell us about your post SU Years. Where do you live now? Millis MA Tell us about your family? Divorced – Two girls Christine 12 Maggie 9 What is your occupation? Project Manager/Senior Systems Manager for PNC Global Investment Servicing Can you help Todd land a new job? I have my ear to the rail. Favorite vacation spot? Disney World Has life been good to you so far? Yes I would say life has been very good. What do you still hope to accomplish? More travel with the girls to show them the many wonderful places in this country as well as the world. What will your gravestone read? If you can read this I must be dead. Favorite Current TV Show? Life Are you a preppie? I have not nor never will be confused with a “Preppie” Would you be up for an annual reunion? yes Favorite All time life moment? It is watching my girls grow up. I look forward to those special “life moments” as they happen. Did you vote for Obama or are you a loser? Yes but I liked McCain better. It was the Palin choice that changed my vote. Bring Back Memory Quiz. This will be graded on a curve. This will bring back memories of my academic career at SU. Why was this not multiple choice!!!!! Which was furrier Darren Silverstein’s boots or Rich Welger’s back? This is a trick question, His knuckles not his back. Devil? Now that would me Messiah? Bob White Boom Boom? Barb Mancini What was the name of the Native American Lacrosse Player? There was such a person What did Belushi ride down the hall way? The Big Wheel Name the person who went with the hometown? Hull? Me again Windsor Locks? Zonk? Da Bronx? Pedro? What was in the eye of the guy making pizza in the window at Acropolis? There is Pizza cheese, head cheese and toe cheese. That was a combination of all three. Johhny Zorba or Archie? Pepsi Pepsi no coke! Zorba What was the name of the thing on the rotating skewer at Archies? His family called him “Old Yellar” And bonus question good for 25 points….. What two men met on September 9th 1979? Since it was not Starsky and Hutch it must be Belushi and Moon.

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