Tuesday, December 30, 2008

One Fish...Two Fish...Red Fish...Janet Fish...

What is your name Janet (Fish) Gatehouse
What was your room number? Maybe 204
Who was your roommate? Phyllis Raynor
What was your hometown? Boca Raton, FL
What was your major? Advertising/Marketing
Did you know any JAP’s? Many—we were surrounded
Funniest all time Belushi moment? When Todd and him threw themselves down the steps of Sadler Hall
Funniest all time moment bar none? Barnum and I in Faegans on ludes….”Don’t ruin my buzz…..”
Favorite “Establishment”? Faegans
Did you have pets while at SU? Fraidy Cat who got run over by one of my roommates on Thanksgiving when I wasn’t there
What was your favorite song? Cannot remember!!!!!!
Tell us about your post SU Years.
Where do you live now? Lon Gisland
Tell us about your family? Triplet Boys 14 years old—Adam, Ian and Alex, Husband Don
What is your occupation? Sales and Design
Can you help Todd land a new job? I would if almost everyone I knew wasn’t out of work or downsizing
Favorite vacation spot? Too many to name
Has life been good to you so far? Better then I deserve
What do you still hope to accomplish? To be able to send 3 kids to college at the same time
Favorite Current TV Show? It’s a tie….That 70’s Show or Two and a Half Men
Are you a preppie? Fuck Off
Would you be up for an annual reunion? Yep
Favorite All time life moment? Birth of kids
Did you vote for Obama or are you a loser? Obama—now let’s see what he does

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