Tuesday, December 30, 2008

........Are Those Gloria Vanderbilt's You're Wearing??

What is your name Lisa Vanderbilt Rege What was your room number? Actually lived in Brewster/Boland. Went to high school with Joe Malecki and came to find him at Sadler the first day. Never left, it seems. Who was your roommate? Sadly, I can’t remember. Tammy something. She was in the marching band – need I say more? What was your hometown? Windsor, CT & then North Granby, CT. My parents moved right after I left for college. What was your major? Changed it every year. 1) Fashion Design, 2) Liberal Arts, 3) Landscape Architecture, 4) Urban Planning Did you know any JAP’s? many Funniest all time Belushi moment? Don’t remember funniest, but do remember camping with him in a tent in the Sadler 2 common area. Favorite “Establishment”? Can’t even remember names. Did you have pets while at SU? Does the bat hanging outside my dorm window count? What was your favorite song? Can only come up with Karen Cufari (?) listening to Pink Floyd. Not a fave, but definitely brings me back to that time every time I hear it…. Tell us about your post SU Years. Where do you live now? Braintree, MA Tell us about your family? I have been married for 18 years to Rich, a mechanical project engineer. We have one child, Carl, who is almost 9 years old. What is your occupation? Prior to Carl, I was a Piping Designer for an engineering firm in Boston. I would lay out the piping and equipment for pharmaceutical and/or chemical plants for companies like Polaroid, Bristol-Myers Squibb, etc, then supply construction support. Since Carl was born, I stay home with him and do some small bookkeeping jobs on the side. Can you help Todd land a new job? I have plenty cooking and cleaning I could share, but the pay isn’t great. Favorite vacation spot? Vermont Has life been good to you so far? Yes, we’re still here, aren’t we? Is your spouse everything you hoped for? Why would I tell you?!? Are you a preppie? No. Would you be up for an annual reunion? Sometimes, especially if in Boston! Favorite All time life moment? Birth of my son Did you vote for Obama or are you a loser? I wouldn’t exactly call myself a loser…. Editor's Note: Well, why'd you vote for him then????? Bring Back Memory Quiz This will be graded on a curve. Which was furrier Darren Silverstein’s boots or Rich Welger’s back? Okay, you’ve GOT to be kidding – I can’t remember any of this stuff. Is it just me or isn’t this only four years of our (longish) lives, which we spent almost 30 years ago? Scroll down for the ONLY answer I know. Give me the last name of Scott the Forestry Major Nicknames: Scahface? Devil? Raj? Sarge? Scabby Maggot? Messiah? Boom Boom? Who lived in the ladies lounge to start the year? What was the name of the Native American Lacrosse Player? What did Belushi ride down the hall way? What did Moon throw on the ceiling in the cafeteria? How many non-alcoholic drinks did Moon drink before throwing up veal parmesan? Name the person who went with the hometown? Parsipany? Tapan Dix Hills? Hull? Port Washington? Southington?
Windsor Locks? Joe Malecki !!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!
Da Bronx? Name the person who went with the address? 6 Steadman? 635 Ferry Lane? 26 High Street? Who could win in a game of one on one? Barb Mancini or anyone else on campus not named Headd, Bouie, Santifer, Moss, Rautins or Bruin? What was in the eye of the guy making pizza in the window at Acropolis? Johhny Zorba or Archie? What was the name of the thing on the rotating skewer at Archies? And bonus question good for 25 points….. What two men met on September 9th 1979?

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