Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Other Half of Anne and Dan

1. What is your name? Dan Romanow 2. What was your room number? 212? 3. Who was your roommate? Single 4. What was your hometown? Newton, Massachusetts 5. What was your major? Religion & Art History 6. Were you a JAP? No 7. Did you know any JAP’s? Yes 8. Funniest all time Belushi moment? Belushi being Belushi 9. Funniest all time moment bar none? 10. Favorite Bar? Hungry Charlies 11. Favorite Drug? Whippets? 12. Did you have pets while at SU? No 13. Was SU the site of your first sexual encounter? No 14. What was your favorite song? Magic Carpet Ride or The Main Event Tell us about your post SU Years. 16. Where do you live now? Brookline, Massachusetts 17. Tell us about your family? Husband-Andrew, Son-Isaac, Daughter-Julia 18. What is your occupation? Manufacturer or Corrugated and Foam Packaging. 19. Can you help Todd land a new job? No 20. Favorite vacation spot? Saint Barthelemy 21. Has life been good to you so far? Yes 22. What do you still hope to accomplish? Bringing children up to be happy and healthy 23. What will your gravestone read? Here lies Dan Romanow, Husband, Father, Grandfather & Friend 24. Is your spouse everything you hoped for? More 25. Favorite Current TV Show? 90 Rock 26. Are you a preppie? No 27. Would you be up for an annual reunion? Yes 28. Favorite All time life moment? My Wedding 29. Did you vote for Obama or are you a loser? Winner

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